this blog is honest and uncensored. if you know me in real life, please don't out me to anyone else. and please, feel free not to tell me you are reading this!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


So, I'm a pretty private person. I realize this blog and twitter puts it all out there, but I don't know y'all and you don't know me. Except in this way. These have been places where I feel comfortable sharing the things I don't tell my friends or my mom.

Now I realize that I may have outted myself (Thanks, Bessie. It's not your fault. I am thankful!). My twitter app allows me to post to multiple accounts. When I post a picture, it saves the picture under the last account I had open. So, if someone where to click on a picture (which has now been deleted), they would see it on grl414. Which would lead them here.

Yikes! My friends, family, colleagues, and clients could find my private thoughts.

I put twitter on lock down. It's private now. But this isn't. So, what's the point in twitter being private?

If someone found me, it's done. If not, then they can't now. So finally, I'm thinking that I will just be very diligent in not posting from grl when I should be posting work stuff.

I like having these open forums. I like to think that my pain might help someone else. I know this isn't just wishful thinking because others' pain has helped me.

I'm still considering outting myself on fb. I just think if one of my friends is going through this, I want to be there for them. (My fb is only my friends.)

Any thoughts? On anything, really.


  1. Hey there, grl :-) Found you via MissOhKay's "introvert" post...
    Boy, I can understand how this is a difficult issue to tackle. Do you feel that you're less free in what you're posting now than you were before? And if you outed yourself on fb, would you also "out" your blog? Do you fear any "repercussions" at work if you outed yourself more than was already done accidentally?
    I also blog anonymously, but that's mostly because I don't want the wrong people at work to find "proof" I'm trying to get pregnant (some close colleagues know). I was tempted to "out" myself on fb as well, but there I have the same problem, that I'm "friends" with some colleagues I don't want to find out until "the deed is done". Difficult question....

  2. Oh, glad you found me! I didn't out myself. I deleted the photo and the tweet. I set my twitter to private. I'm thinking about making my twitter public again. I'm pretty confident that no one found me.

    I haven't changed anything about my posting. I think if someone finds me, it's okay. I just don't want to aid them.

    I'm a professional and I don't want clients to know how I am feeling in general. More specifically, I talk about the dark side of grief here, and I don't think most people understand that that doesn't make me a bad or evil person. So, I'll stay anonymous for now.

    I still consider outing my miscarriage on fb. Mostly because I want people to leave me alone. But I'm too chicken. I don't want to hear "sorry" from anyone, and I'm sure that's what I'll get.

    As far as our new adventure with ttc, we're keeping that to ourselves - possibly until a baby is actually born. We're not sure, yet.